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Through this service you get the opportuniy to ask one of your questions or gaining guidance regarding life problems or seeking the correct course of direction for possible actions. Some of the commonly asked questions involve the following topics:

a) Job related questions like when will i get a promotion? or Will I get a new job in the next 30 days? Which line of work should I choose?
b) I am facing a bad time right now how long witll it last?
C) I am seeking to expand my business in a particular field will i get success?
D) I need a certain sum of money for a particular work will I get it by he time i need it?
E) I love a particular person girlfriend / boyfriend will i be able to marry them?
F) My boyfriend / girlfriend just left will he / she come back?
G) I feel hexed and cursed is this true? If yes how do I get out of it?
H) should I take up a new Job? Will it bring me luck?
I) My deceased father keeps on coming in my dreams what does he want to say?

Grandmaster Puneet Som Mathur answers questions like these and more as a Predictor and Psychic medium he helps you get answers from he Occult world based on your karmic codes.
If you are new here then you should choose the First session option and take up one question with the Grandmaster. This session will be for 15 minutes zoom call where the gransmaster will answer to your satsfaction. To book a new session with the Grandmaster click here

How does it work?
First you book a session and enter your details then choose your timezone.
If you are a first time visitor then you can take the First session option otherwise choose the Next session option and enter your sessionID which you received after your first session with the Grandmaster. The sessionID is sent to all who complete a session with the Grandmaster successfully.
You have had a session with the Grandmaster but did not receive your sessionID? Write to comms@puneetmathur.com with "Missing SessionID" in the subject line. Due to the volume of emails please do not write any other things in the subject line otherwise your email may be deleted.

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