Feeling Stuck in your Career?

Professional Predictor Astrologer and a Grandmaster Puneet Som Mathur to get solutions for your problems.
Hello There , I am Grandmaster Puneet Som Mathur , Professional Predictor and Astrologer, AI Consultant & Author. I’m an qualified MBA from La Trobe University, Australia. I’ learned Prediction from my ethereal Guru Sage Agastya in states of deep meditation. Ever since learning these ancient techniques I started making them available to all without discrimination of any caste or creed or sex. For betterment of humanity I wrote a book series of Three volumes Prediction Secrets where thousands of people have benefitted by learning prediction techniques step by step . Come & experience the life changing experience of this divine science.
I am a trained profession Shrividya priest equavalent of a Grandmaster.
I can help you by using Ancient Time Tested Indian Fire Sacrifice Rituals by applying them for your Life Problems.
Whether you have a problem with Money₤ ₹ $, Job Career change or Love interest. These Ancient time tested Fire Ritual Havan techniques can be applied to any of your modern situations to get a career promotion or a raise at your job. Are you looking for a career change? Or Are you seeking out a new job? The Vedic Havan Fire rituals help speed up the process for you.
How does it work?
You book this Vedic Havan Career service with me.
I connect with you on your registered emailid with a Good date and time and then with your consent proceed to carry out the havan procedure which is required for you.
You are given a date and time in your timezone when this Holy Fire ceremony is going to be carried out in your name.
You can connect via Zoom meeting at the time when the Sankalpa(Affirmation in Sanskrit) is being carried out to see it. After the Sankalpa you can disconnect and I continue the Fire ritual as per the Vedic prcedures. After it is complete you will be sent a Short Video of the ceremony.
Book Vedic Havan Career Service with confidence.