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Get your 1 YEAR Astrological Events made by a Professional Astrologer and Predictor 1 YEAR Events
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“Through this service you get a complete Hand calculated not Software generated Astrological Events Report. via your registered email.”

Worried about the Events that could happen in your life in the next one year? The 1 Year Events report is the answer.

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Hello There , I am Grandmaster Puneet Som Mathur , Professional Predictor and Astrologer, AI Consultant & Author. I’m an qualified MBA from La Trobe University, Australia. I’ learned Prediction from my ethereal Guru Sage Agastya in states of deep meditation. Ever since learning these ancient techniques I started making them available to all without discrimination of any caste or creed or sex. For betterment of humanity I wrote a book series of three volume Prediction Secrets where thousands of people have benefitted by learning prediction techniques step by step . Come & experience the life changing experience of this divine science.

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WHY make an Events Report?

How will it help me?

Going through a rough patch? Life is throwing up Surprises? This is exactly what the 1 Year Events report covers. It very accurately predicts likely events that are to happen based on Vedic birth chart analysis.
The Events report helps you find out what major events are going to happen in your life for the next year. In this report you get complete details of the likely events that are to happen and also remedies given by Divine beings to ward off such evil events from your life.

How 1 YEAR Events Service will help you?

1 Year Events Service will help you by 

Making you more confident to face any surprise events that may happen to you in the next 1 year. 

It also outlines what destiny has in store for you in the next year. It outlines the good and the bad time periods of a month or week that may have good or bad influence on your life. It also tells you about the positive and negative aspects of your Horoscope in the coming year.

What Will Be In The Report?

List of all the Key Events and how their effects in your horoscope.

Lucky Days, Destiny Days, Bad days and their results. Your Life prospects for the year based on your horoscope and its effects on Love, Money, Career and Spirituality.

Possible remedies for the bad events outlined in the report.


By Using your 1 Year Events you will be able to change your life towards your desired goals.

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The RReport will be given in 24 to 48 working hrs due to high volume on Whatsapp or email

Come get the 1 YEAR Events report. This could be your Life Changer!


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    Q- How 1 YEAR Events service can help me?

    A 1 Year Events report is a map of important events of your life for the next one year based on your data of birthchart or horoscope. & It can help you in every sphere of life particularly in Career, Health & Relationships.

    Q- Will your remedies solve all my problems?

    A- This is a strong myth that any Predictor or any occultist can solve your problems.Your problems are your very own. You need to have faith and do the remedies as mentioned in the report. Sometimes the remedies show immediate results or sometimes show results after a year also. It really depends on your karma and the karmic cycle you are in.

    Q- How much do your remedies cost?

    A- I suggest non expensive or very less expensive remedies which may require to visit some specific temples or more effective and fast than the expensive remedies suggested by most occultistss.

    Q- Do you accept all Payment types?

    A- Yes we have tied up with Paypal you can send payments directly to paypal account puneet.mathurs@gmail.com

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